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Spiritual Science – part two

The founding of Khalsa is celebrated by Sikhs during the festival of Vaisakhi

Spiritual Science – part two


In spiritual science they are termed as five elements. Our body is a miniaturized universe since GOD has made his kingdom inside our spiritual heart . There are a total of 8.4 million types of creatures living on our planet & man is their only commander. GOD enjoys viewing this drama as a kind of time pass affair since HE loves his creation. The population of over 08 Billion exists with the help of two nurses i.e. sun & moon . The sun rise creates the day to work & moon appears in the night to facilitate resting. HE enjoys viewing it & is always extra
kind to protect his beloveds instantly.

The five elements of existence
The five elements of existence

Divine bliss to mind has a direct effect on the health of the human body. It facilitates us to enjoy deep sleep of 6-8 hours & improves our digestive system to an extent that one feels hunger bliss thrice in a day. One remains active for over 12-14 hours in a day to do the duty to earn bread & butter. This state of health bliss results in achieving professional excellence. For a University student, one feels the joy of learning & he succeeds in getting academic excellence. It also ensures a sportsman to exhale in games & be a champion at global level. Wrestlers enjoy health bliss as we observe them doing fights in the ring, video link refers below. The statement made is based on real life experience .

How it happens ?

The body survives by taking food as its diet. While enjoying health bliss , there is a connecting nerve between naval & the bottom of back bone. Nectar produced in the body moves from naval to the back bone under full control & direction of mind. This nectar moves from the bottom of the back bone to the head. From the head / brain , nectar falls through the same orifice ( in line with eyebrows ) & flows in 72 main nerves spread all along inside the body . Medical science has not yet succeeded to locate & find out this cycle of nectar flow inside the human body since otherwise Doctors could cure a person suffering from paralytic attack. Neuroscience has no clue about this nectar flow process though under control of a blissful mind.

Video link referred below has some relevance to appreciate it.

Kundalini awakening
Kundalini awakening

It also finds a mention in Hindu religion as kundalini awakening affair but no
other religion speaks about it.

However a Saint Soldier ( KHALSA) philosophy & way of life to live a life
of fearlessness in love of Guru/GOD. It is neither a myth nor a mythology
but can be observed in reality among Khalsa soldiers of the Indian Defense

Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh
Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh


Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa
Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa


Gen Bikram Singh
Gen Bikram Singh, COAS


Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, AVSM & Bar, YSM, SM
Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, AVSM & Bar, YSM, SM


Vice Admiral Harinder Singh
Vice Admiral Harinder Singh

As mentioned above earlier that mind is a kind of super computer but in a
miniature form which has a size smaller than electron size soul. It has two
main desires . It enjoys taking bath in the nectar ( discussed above) during
ambrosial hours. This happens during Mantra chanting hours of the morning.
It even has the powers to know the happenings of past , present & future of the
world. Zillion dollar question is ,” How can the scientists know a little bit about
the existence of mind inside the body without going near the spiritual science ?”
Spiritual diet of the mind is Guru Mantra chanting only & nothing else !!!!!
Electron size soul alone is the empowering bliss to mind. Saints of all religions,
who enjoy Infinite bliss of love of truth , alone can authenticate the details
shared above for the benefit of viewers.

A nice video link full of divine love and music , is referred below ,

When the soul enters in the embryo , it has already lived earlier during last
births in various forms of creatures as per the laws made by GOD. He executes
his directives through a network of 0.33 Billion Deities. He looks at his beloveds
& his vision/ look at the souls ( Human being) , during ambrosial hours results
in making them/their minds to enjoy Infinite happiness. GOD also speaks to
his true beloveds & discusses with them daily the current situation of the world.
He does not desire any kind of destruction to our planet or its people. Gurbani
of Guru Granth Sahib confirms all the information shared above.

God does not desire any kind of destruction to our planet or its people
God does not desire any kind of destruction to our planet or its people

Further progress of the blissful mind is to enjoy a glimpse of the Kingdom of
GOD situated inside our spiritual heart . Glimpse is so much glittering that mind
gets into super happiness/bliss state. GOD is not alone in his kingdom but has
an army of his beloveds ( Males & Females) sitting in his court on his left &
right. Males are on his left side & females are on the right side. This kingdom
is full of super natural blissful environment. Who all make it to the kingdom
after death ??? Saints come to mother earth to spread fragrance of his love
from this Kingdom & bless the people. ONE such wonderful personality , who
blessed me to write this blog , a living legend ( SAINT) is His Holiness Baba
JHORA SINGH JI . Video link of his address in Gurmukhi/Punjabi language
refers below,

AIM of writing this blog is not to disturb the thought process of any person nor
to impress anyone .However I submit my due humble apologies in advance for
mistakes of all kinds committed in its presentation to the seekers of truth.

In divine bliss love & deep reverence to the viewers.


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