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Satt Chitt Aanand is infinite bliss

guru Nanak

Satt Chitt Aanand is infinite bliss

Satt Chitt Aanand appears as a point of talk/discussion in all religions in its own way of enjoying it as the basic aim of life. It is directly related to level of happiness or peace enjoyed by everyone of us . It is well reflected on the blooming face of   LIVING SAINTS who remain busy in spreading fragrance of Love of GOD. We are all a creation as product of LOVE of GOD.

World is a wonderful drama created by GOD .
Sat Guru Nanak explained this philosophy of GOD over 545 years ago .

Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak

SAINTS also enjoy a certain high level of happiness/bliss of LOVE of GOD depending upon their inner power of sacrifice to protect the philosophy of DHARMA in the society without having influenc of any kind of politics or business.

Winning over the mind & elimination of its duality is a result of enjoying the  pleasure of GURU/GOD.

During recent times the people at global level enjoyed the BLISS of LOVE of His Holiness Sathya Sai Baba from the Village Puttaparty . He used to celebrate SAT GURU NANAK JEE’S  Gurpurab/birth day  by chanting of WAHEGURU mantra with his beloveds & did it for 72 hours wef  18 NOV 2010 .

BABA  enjoyed the same powers of NAAM as were enjoyed by Lord Krishnna Jee during Dwapar Yug. Very few experienced & knew about this secret since most  of the people are ignorant about it at global level .
Amazing indeed!!!!!

Satt Chitt Aanand
Sathya Sai Baba

It is equally  important to mention about the start of Kalyug & later  during the challenging times of Mugal Rule in India when the philosophy of Vedas was challenged which resulted  in rampant  conversion into Islamic faith by extra texation & force . It was shockingly  a rampant affair to destroy temples & making of mosques over it . However to prevent  this unholy trend humanity observed advent of Sat Guru Nanak Jee which  took place over 545 years ago.

Third NANAK i.e. Guru Amar Daas Jee Maharaj gave us Gurbani on enjoying the Bliss of Satt Chitt Aanad while he was  living at Goindwal Sahib , Amritsar , PUNJAB.

AKBAR the great was extremely lucky to pay  a visit to GURU JEE at Goindwal Sahib & was deeply impressed by the new phenomenon of service to society with LOVE irrespective of cast/creed/gender etc…The KING took pride in alloting a JAGEER of 84 Villages to the daughter of GURU JEE as a token of his LOVE & DEEP REVERENCE. Contrary to this his successor JAHANGEER ordered torture full killing of V NANAK at LAHORE.

Aim of this BLOG is to describe the various steps leading to enjoying Satt Chitt Aand without disturbing our day today life.

Before we proceed further , need is to appreciate the meaning of the word NAAM as highlighted in Gurbani of Guru Granth Sahib. Gurbani reading provides us spiritual empowerment without which it is impossible to progress in spirituality. Reading of GURBANI facilitates enjoying company of GURU.

Gurbani inspires us to enjoy BLISS of LOVE of NAAM by citing the examples of Bhagat Prahlad & Dhroov , who enjoyed it at a young age of hardly five years. NAAM is a state of enjoying Infinite Bliss of Love of TRUTH (GOD)  inside our heart & NAAM is even higher than GOD. Sat Guru Nanak Jee gave us a new definition of GOD.

He said ,” GOD is Infinite Bliss of Love of Truth personified ”.

The purpose of gift of precious human life is to meet GOD during this journey & enjoy a glimpse of the KINGDOM of GOD inside our heart . Is it a impossible challenge to accept in these trying times of compititive nature of the commercial world ???  No….No….No.

Can everyone succeed in this venture ???  Answer is YES!!! Since guaranteed by the biggest SAINT of last millenium i.e. His Holiness Baba Nand Singh Jee.

How was it made  possible ??? This process was made simple by noneelse but by  the greatest SAINT of the last millenium to bless  the common man who is so busy to make both ends meet !!! The common man does not get time for all this spiritual affair .

He did it in response to a humble query of a great business man  i.e. Sir Rai Bahadur Singh from DELHI . NAAM philosophy is the domain of space element ( CROWN CHAKRA )  of the human body . He is known as His Holiness Baba Nand Singh Jee & his legacy has over 700 Centres spread over the world. The HQRS is situated at Village Kaleran , Tehseel Jagraon , District Ludhiana , Punjab , INDIA. It attracts  beloveds of GOD belonging to any religion from all over the world  twice in a year.

Baba Nand Singh Jee did simrann/chanting of Mool Mantra for 35 Million times in 12 years time without sleeping for a minute. Thus he succeeded in getting NAAM DAAN .

Baba Nand Singh Jee
Baba Nand Singh Jee

Baba Nand Singh Jee was kind to bless  a keerty gurikh ( skilled worker )  for lack of time to do meditation in this world  & though his struggle to make both ends meet keeps him over busy. He guaranteed every aspirant / seeker for enjoying  GOD’S LOVE . ONE  can succeed without fail in a matter of just 18 days subject to taking a pledge only ONCE in life time.

This  therapy of 18 days  involves enjoying the company of GURU/GOD for 3 hours daily during ambrosial hours i.e.wef 0400 hrs to 0700 hrs while sitting in straight back position after bath .During this time ONE can do chanting of  the Guru/Mool Mantra. To start with starting tim can be late also but before break fast . It implies that LIFE is a very simple  Battle of just 18 days !!!!!

It is applicable to all religions existing on our planet. What is the result on 19th day???

GURU/GOD is pleased & now GOD’S LOVE is showered on  the seeker as a boon  of pleasure of SATGURU. Here Gurbani of Anand Sahib starts with the words ,

” Anand bhayya meri maaey SATGURU main paayya ………….”

Guru Amar Daas Jee
Guru Amar Daas Jee

Once success has been achieved in enjoying GOD’S LOVE , no seeker desires to loose the grip of this state of happiness. He has to his disposal 21 hours to plan his work of the day keeping three ambrosial hours for the company of GURU . Time mangement of 24 hours takes the first priority in life. Personal hygine is equally important with DOING GARGLES & neety kriyya to clean nostrils for proper breathing . You do not feel short of time during the day & in life as well. Studies become very simple , interesting & exciting as well especially during school/college/university days.

Progressing furher in this way of starting the day leads to conquering of mind which is very important part of our personality development . Duality is eliminated & thought process becomes truly focused or simplicity takes over which we also term as full concentration . The doors of the heart are opened for allowing knowledge of infinite level of modern science to flow in LOVE of GOD.

Gurbani of Anand Sahib has revealed 40 essential issues/points/steps to be understood in detail  about thought , word & deed done by us . These aspects are to be experienced by the heart,mind  & body to reach the stage of Satt Chitt Aanad . A few lines  of Gurbani confirm ,

” Keh Nanak ehh sareer parvan hoyya
Jin Satguru seon chitt laayya ………….”

” Suntey puneet kahtey pavit Satguru raheyya bharpoorey
Binvant Nanak gur charan laagey vajjey anhat dhoorey ”

”  Chitt charan kamal ka aasra
Chitt charan kamal sang  joriaey……”

” Charan kamal jankai anoop
Safal darshan sundar har roop …….”

What are the powers connected with enjoying this state ???
We will briefly touch upon the effects on the functioning of the body  in the following stanza.

During this state of enjoying Satt Chitt Anand , when we go to sleep at night the whole body is lit from inside with full moon power i.e. cool bliss. Body looses touch of the bed with a gap of ONE feet which is full of BLISS. After waking up & sitting again for chanting of Guru Mantra leads to getting the boon of NAAM DAAN from GURU/GOD.  This is the biggest boon of GOD.

SATT CHITT AANAND is enjoying infinite bliss of LOVE of NAAM in MIND , HEART & BODY .

In this stage you are sitting & enjoying infinite bliss inside the heart . Heart beat rate gets reduced to just  ONE per hour. The light emitted by heart reaches the skin & through hair pores WHERE  vibration of chanting of Guru Mantra starts . It  means that 70 million hair of the human body also do chanting of Guru Mantra!!!!   What are its implications for our day to day life of performance of duty as SOLDIER of Indian Army or   elsewhere ??

One becomes fearless in life !!! He enjoys health bliss . He does his duty in LOVE of GOD as desired by HIM & serves the humanity with LOVE. His face blooms & he overcomes the influence of  five evils present inside the heart/mind . He is always ready to answer the call of any member of the society in emergency  even if it involves/calls for supreme sacrifice of SELF or the human body.

We observed this during rescuing operations by ARMY /AIR FORCE during Uttra Khand Tragedy .One succeeds in  imbibing  all qualities of becoming a good human being . This is the purpose of life .Youth phase of 40 years starting  from the age of 20 years becomes blissful .

This prepares him to share in old age this experience of LOVE of GOD with the children in the society in a selfless manner . GURU/GOD blesses him MUKTY here & now & one need not worry about it to get it at the time of leaving the mortal coil  !!!

Guru Gobind Singh Jee Mahara
Guru Gobind Singh Jee Mahara

Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj has gone to the extent of blessing his son KHALSA ,

” Ek chitt jiha ik chinn dhayayoo Kaal phaas kai beech na aayoo…”

Who does not desire to enjoy Satt Chitt Aand with this short cut procedure made available by SAINT/GURU/GOD ?????

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahejeo


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