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Importance of personal hygiene is well known to an angel , we all are aware of this fact. However it of a very little value to economically weak members of our society because they have to work as a laborer during the day . Though we find at some places in Haridwar city of Uttar Pradesh India that yogi do not value its requirement for the body & keep it covered with ash etc… This is not correct & is against true spiritual progress. We shall now discuss various aspects of personal hygiene & its benefits since is the vital requirement of the mind to enjoy bliss state & freshness as if we are newly born.

The swimming pool
The swimming pool

Opposed to this we find western psychology inspires us all to enjoy a little time in swimming pool of the nearby area.

Time management
Time management

Prior to moving further , it is necessary to know about time management of the day . If sleeping time is between 9.30 PM to 5.30 AM , while we wake up & do the normal ablution practice . This period of 20 minutes after 5.30 AM is most crucial from spiritual angle or even otherwise also to ensure top level cleanliness
to the body .

purification of nose & nostrils
purification of nose & nostrils

After cleaning the stomach , washing of hands 3 times with soap ensures cleanliness of hands. Now one should do gargles with salt mixed Luke warm water to facilitate cleaning of mouth , throat & gums as well . Thereafter , brushing of teeth helps to clean them . Yoga recommends neti kriya daily for purification of nose & nostrils. It has no negative effects of any kind .



Meditation time
Meditation time

During bath with 2-5 buckets (20 liters capacity) of water , our body is cleaned & one feels absolutely fresh . Now we are ready for a stroll & mantra chanting while observing the sun rising . Color of red orange sun changes to golden in about 25 minutes. YOGA practice starts now since we need to do mediation for storing energy needed for physical & mental development during the day time in surplus amount. During student life , this is the most important part of duty before starting the day.


Neem leaves
Neem leaves

It is also important to mention that drinking water, made of Neem leaves (50 only) crushed in grinder one glass daily for 5 days twice in a year during the month of MAR & OCT , will keep the stomach away from any kind of worms/disease. Even though it is very bitter in taste but its consumption ensures improvement of the taste of
the tongue manifold ( a million times).





In addition to above , one may desire to use Neem oil is to be used for massaging the GUMS which will ensure good health of teeth up to the age of 70 years or even more. It also improves our power of taste of the tongue. One need not go to a Dentist in life time by using . Neem oil only once after brushing of the teeth .

Now we feel fresh to bloom in daily life. It has been recommended totake on the challenge of 18 days therapy of mantra chanting for 2.5hours in Sukhasan position with straight back . It results in getting blessed with a blissful mind . It is a guaranteed success approach .

A blog giving full details appears elsewhere on the website to highlight its benefits since it is a one time affair in life time. Web link refers ,

Mantra yog

Bliss state of mind has tremendous advantages since we succeed in conquering our mind . It results in improvement of memory power by a million times. Our learning intake power increases manifold.
We enjoy deep sleep of 6-8 hours. Our digestive system becomes perfect & body growth gets facilitated.
Bliss to mind is a result of penetration of mind by electron size soul & happens with the grace of GURU/GOD while progressing a life of living in love of truth.


Playing the game
Playing the game

Confidence building starts with no limits i.e. Infinite . All this is vital to our personality development i.e. physical , mental , emotional & spiritual . Sweating (one liter) is good while playing games in the evening i.e. 5 P M on wards.



The day consists of 24 hours . If we can manage the ambrosial hours i.e. 4 AM to 7 AM , it is possible to remain in bliss state for over 12 hours by allowing balance 9 hours for rest & other chores . Human life is precious & its journey can be made full of JOY . This is true YOGA. As a good human being , we are blessed to feel the JOY of super powers of GOD’S LOVE since ego bliss has no place inside our mind & body.

Human life is a precious gift of GOD & hence we need to feel the bliss of JOY during its journey by making a head start without any kind of delay !!!!!

Health bliss is redefined as enjoying 7 hours of deep sleep , three times feeling hungry (bliss) , sweating daily (one liter) & feeling bliss of doing duty of 8-10 hours daily. It is possible with the state of enjoying bliss to the mind ( LOVE of TRUTH) & is opposed to the feeling of ego bliss as a good human being.

I suggest & recommend to The Youth Assembly UNO to adopt the above definition .

Video links for Mantra chanting are mentioned below


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