Lord Jesus, Name Divine

How to practice 18 days of theraphy as a christian?

Sacred Heart of Lord Jesus

Dear & Rev. Friend

It is nice to know your feelings & the simple technique
of 18 days therapy affair in Love of Lord JESUS CHRIST .
I appreciate this aspect of your personality indeed !!!!

I wish to highlight that every noble person of your stature
desire to reduce the existing gap or synchronise the wavelength of
desire , thought , word of mouth & deed through the above
method of enjoying the art of falling in LOVE of GOD . You
are already on that path & have covered a long journey in
service of humanity in a professional manner .

Sitting in sukhaasan
Sitting in sukhaasan

I have mentioned in earlier blog of 18 days therapy that one
need worry about the start time to & make a start . Our GURU/
LORD JESUS allows us to start the MANTRA chanting even
wef 07 00 hrs to 0930 hrs but only after taking bath & nice
clean dress wearing. However we need to sit down on a nice
clean mattress covered with white bed sheet in SUKHAASAN
position with straight back. Since you need not change your
morning schedule .

While sitting in sukhaasan , need is to place a nice photograph
of LORD JESUS on a single seat SOFA SET with sprinkling of
perfume on the lotus feet of THE LORD .

Sacred Heart of Lord Jesus
Sacred Heart of Lord Jesus

Regarding chanting of mantra , ONE can also listen to the MUSIC
in LOVE & GLORY of LORD JESUS initially on a little loud voice
& later reduce the volume which is soothing to the ears, mind &
heart but time duration is 2.5 hours .

Kingdom Power
Kingdom Power

ONE need not worry even about the wavering mind during the
first week NOR feel disheartened as if it is mechanical process.
NO !!!! It is not a mechanical process since intelligent mind
( suffering from ego ) needs to be told to get rid of pollution
of material bliss.

We are family (performed on youtube by Kingdom Power International Ministries)

In less than 10 days , the mind surrenders to LORD JESUS &
starts enjoying the music of GLORY of GOD . By the time , one
has crossed ten days , the heart begins to enjoy the feeling of

Simultaneously GOD blesses to advance the timing gradually &
it comes to 0600hrs & on 18 th day you reach 0500 hrs or even
earlier . It took me exactly 18 days to fall in LOVE of GURU & was
blessed to enjoy Infinite bliss of LOVE of TRUTH for 3 hours . This
is rarest of the rare boon of GOD & results in transformation . Now
heart takes over the command of MIND & is like conquering of mind.

MIND starts functioning at a slow/deliberate speed of cool bliss
whereas in games field , body obeys the command of mind which
is normally at lightening speed since electron size SOUL has penetrated
it & it shines with its light .

KHALSA is blessed to live a blissful life in service of humanity with
divine love & humility . However KHALSA is also always ready to be
a bold person to risk his life in LOVE of GURU to protect the interest
of a gentle person ( facing challenge to his existence by a bad person
suffering from enmity ) .i.e. SAINT SOLDIERING WAY OF LIFE.
Its philosophy does not believe in change of religion since it is
against the desire of GURU .

Sign of Khalsa
Sign of Khalsa

Not withstanding anything mentioned above , ONE can enjoy that

progress in just 3 days time while living in GOLDEN TEMPLE
& feel blessed with LOVE of LORD JESUS .

Kindly forgive me for not being good in expression since I am not
very good at Engligh while comparing with your developed style of
a noble person like you .

With divine love & deep reverence

Yours sincerely

Ajeet Singh Mac


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