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Art of conquering the mind


It is a well known fact that our existence in the world is a result of divine love of GOD . In biological science it is termed as body which is controlled by mind . GOD has been defined in a simple way . He is infinite bliss of love of truth personified & has made his kingdom in our spiritual heart. Heart gets its energy from the electron size soul (termed as energy by scientists) to facilitate ​purifying/​pumping of 9000 liters daily to keep the body ​( a complex machinery ) ​fit for functioning. Mind is a kind of computer of miniature size & gives the thought process ​ ​to our brain. Can we conquer our mind ? Has it ever been conquered by anyone ? What is ​ ​the barrier to conquer it ? How does ego interfere in this process ?

Lt General KH Singh
Lt General KH Singh

Answers to all above questions are found in most of the spiritual scriptures since all messengers of GOD arrived on this planet with their mind ​& heart ​enjoying a state of infinite ​ ​bliss of love of truth. ​Their divine love is available to one & all without any kind of discrimination whatsoever . ​The​y defined the ​ purpose of ​journey of this ​precious gift of ​human life ​by GOD i.e. Feel the JOY ​of divine love ​in​ the hear​t​​ ​​& live ​with a blissful mind​ by avoiding all other kinds of JOYS of superficial nature bliss pampered by evils.

Guru Grant Sahib
Guru Grant Sahib

​ ​Mind normally suffers from the pollution created by ego which is backed by presence & influence of five evils in the heart/brain. The five evils basically are desire​, anger , greed, attachment & ego . Mind always desires to be in comfort zone & does not want to loose its bliss of superficial nature . Influence of evils play the role of deterrent nature & keep the mind away from going near bliss of love of truth. The competitive & challenging environments of the commercial world of selfish nature ( for survival ) inspires the mind to forget about falling in love of the true bliss. Mind/brain is a kind of computer & it has a software fitted into it made of deeds of past births but still enjoys full freedom from birth time to the phase of reaching adulthood i.e. formation phase . This freedom is available to one & all ​throughout the life time. Choice of early elimination of pollution of mind lies with us.​

Bhagat Prahlad

GURBANI of ​Kabeer Jee in ​GURU GRANTH SAHIB ( Holy Sikh Sripture) highlights
that ,

” Raam japyoo jeeyoo aissey aissey
Dhroov Prahlad japyyoo Harr jaissey ……”

It means that one should feel inspired to fall in love of GOD at an early stage of childhood as was done by two great young boys named DHROOV & PRAHLAD aged hardly 5 years over 9000 years ago in INDIA.​ Their biography is a part of the text book of V class in India. In addition to them , we find in recent times i.e. On 11 DEC 1705 , two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh aged 5 & 7 years accepted to undergo punishment of being bricked alive by the mugal ruler of District Sirhind in Punjab because they refused to accept the change of religion to Islam . ​

Love and Light
Love and Light

​AIM of falling in love of GOD is to ​eliminate the darkness of mind created since long & bring the bliss to the mind ​which is the child of electron size soul ​ ​(Energy) . The soul is capable of penetrating ​ ​the mind provided one has reduced the ​size of ​ego to a size smaller than electron​. Excellence is word coined to describe this state of mind enjoying bliss of light of soul ​applicable in all walks of life i.e. education , games , profession & social service etc .

This is made possible with the grace of GURU . The personality of GURU should be ​such that Guru should enjoy the ​infinite ​treasure of the Name Divine. In our present​ times The Holy Scripture of SIKHS i.e. Guru Granth Sahib has the divine powers​ ​to bless the seeker ​by sharing a small little part of it & provide empowerment. This is a ​ ​rare opportunity for the humanity to be blessed with​ ​whereas spiritual scriptures​ ​exist in all religions & have wonderful knowledge​ to get exposed to​ .

Learner's Paradise
Learner’s Paradise

Gurbani inspires us ,


It means that EGO is a big cancer like ailment of mind but it also has its cure & is possible by the grace of GURU. ​

The people of our globe are fortunate to have a very large number of guides playing the role of messengers of GOD but no one gives a guarantee for success in a short time which can facilitate to make a head start during any phase of life. Aim of this blog is to offer a guaranteed approach to learn the art of falling in love of GOD in a very short span of 18 days which results in conquering of your mind​. This guaranteewas blessed to humanity by the greatest saint of last millennium in response to ahumble submission of Sir Rai Bahadur Singh from DELHI during a meeting in the year 1939. A blog has been posted to share the bright moments of the life of this great personality separately .


Gurbani confirms ,


It means that you address your mind by quoting the word of Guru & advise it to understand its million dollar value i.e. BLISSFUL STATE !!!!!

What happens after conquering of the mind ??

The blissful mind fine tunes our body from inside i.e. Nectar is filled in all 72 main naries/arteries which facilitates in enjoying health bliss . There is no place for laziness during 24 hours of the day. Wrestlers enjoy this state of physical strength with increased will power as also sportsmen of all games played in Olympics.

Divine gathering with Lt General KH Singh
Divine gathering with Lt General KH Singh

Second most important aspect is that blissful mind now enjoys gaining knowledge available in books of various professions. There is no requirement of memorizing any topic in studies since power of understanding increases to infinite level . Hence it brings JOY in studies during school , college & university etc..

Last but not the least is the spiritual aspect of progress in life with a blissful mind i.e. Philosophy of Saint Soldiering comes handy to follow in our daily life which is full of extreme compassion in heart . Humility in behavior is result of fearlessness enjoyed in mind & heart . The word ,” RISK ” looses its existence in our life . You enjoy deep sleep of 6 hours in the night &​ ​ even conquer the sleep as well. True bliss of sun rise phase of the day can now be ​ ​enjoyed since you develop the art ​of management of ambrosial hours of the day i.e.​ ​0400 hrs to 0700 hrs.

Ambrosial hours
Ambrosial hours

Gurbani highlights the importance of ambrosial hours of the day,


It means that best time to enjoy & feel the glory of GOD inside our spiritual heart is amrit vela i.e. ambrosial hours wef 0400 hrs to 0700 hrs .

GURU Nanak
GURU Nanak

It is this philosophy of divine love which was propounded by Sat Guru Nanak since he arrived on 23 NOV 1469 & concluded by Guru Gobind Singh on 13 APR 1699 by bringing KHALSA way of living a blissful life. It was a unique event of the universe being the result of top level pleasure of GOD . It is no wonder to mention that KHALSA has been tasked to liberate the humanity of the planet since more than 50% of the population i.e. 04 Billion still needs to be aware of the philosophy of Name Divine .

With divine love to all viewers of this blog .

Ajeet Singh Mac

All the photographs are of 26 FEB 2017 with Lt Gen K H Singh UYSM,AVSM , YSM (Now Retd wef 01 MAR 2017) .


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