The mantra yoga

Kundaliny awakening
Kundaliny awakening

Injection of GOD’S love
(18 days therapy to fall in LOVE of GOD)

( Mantra YOGA)

There is a strong need to spread the fragrance of Love of GOD in the society since people suffer from the influence of love of materialism i.e. artificial bliss. Is there a smart route available to a common man get rid of this ailment ? Society has many smart people who have taken over the role of acting as messengers of GOD!!!! This makes the situation even worse; very sad indeed!!!!!! Where is the simple remedy available to a young man to overcome the effects of artificial bliss ? Here is the sneak peek into revelation that will benefit one & all.


The therapy of 18 days was blessed to the humanity of our planet by His Holiness Baba Nand Singh Jee, the greatest SAINT of last millennium ( 28 Nov 1868 to 29 Aug 1943) who successfully enjoyed the Love of Sat Guru Nanak ( Guru Granth Sahib ) i.e. NAAM DAAN. These blessings were given in LOVE of humanity as a result of humble submission of Sir RaiBahadur Singh Jee from DELHI to feel the JOY of GOD’S love . Since it was difficult for him/everyone to spare 3 hrs time for meditation due to pressure of duty/work suffered to survive & make both ends meet.

This meeting was during the year 1939 in District Ludhiana, Tehseel Jagraon & Village Kaleran Punjab India. Prior to this Baba Nand Singh Jee had meditated for 12 long years wef the year 1896 to 1908 by chanting Mool Mantra without sleep even for a second.(See details of Mool Mantra). The result of meditation was getting a boon of NAAM DAAN from Sat Guru Nanak . This is the latent gist/light of Vedas. Geeta of Brahmgiani Ashtawark Jee highlights the same content. Prabhu ka NAAM is supreme & is even higher than GOD. This is the light of truth. Gurbani confirms ,

“ Vaddhha sahib uochha thaon
UchheyupparuchhaNaaon …’’

NAAM is a state of enjoying Infinite Bliss of Love of Truth inside our heart (Shabd GURU). Baba Nand Singh Jee enjoyed for over 35 years till the age of 75. Bliss means LIGHT/PRAKASH to the mind & heart. As per VEDAS, it is ,

“Nirgunam ,Niranjanam,Sanathana,Sadhana,- Niketanam,Nitya, Suddha, Buddha , Mukta, NirmalaSwarupinam” (It is attributeless,unsullied, final abode, pure,enlightened, free& embodiment of sacredness.)

It is different from financial bliss of US$01 Billion/Million. The therapy of 18 days implies that one (belonging to any religion) has to enjoy reciting/chanting/simrann of Guru Mantra daily after taking bath & sitting with straight back position on a ground sheet/durry during ambrosial hours i.e. wef 0400 hrs to 0700 hrs at home.(During Amrit Vela). This challenge of 18 days is to be accepted only once in life time.

Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak

The result is getting pleasure of GOD & boon of enjoying GOD’S Love. This act of devotion is like getting an injection of GOD’S LOVE. GOD has been defined by Sat Guru Nanak as, ” INFINITE BLISS of LOVE of TRUTH personified”. He blessed the humanity of our planet with the latest designed religion thus brought for them true freedom in life.
Result is guaranteed for every seeker of truth belonging to any religion anywhere in the world. The successful journey of life starts from this moment onward wef the 19th day. You are blessed with full throttle blessings/love of GOD/MaaSaraswati Devi which results in shining of mind (bliss) & this facilitates in feeling the JOY of learning in studies as well as playing games in school/college life & thereafter.

Sai Baba
Sai Baba

His Holiness SathyaSai Baba also desired that we as human beings must strive hard to enjoy GOD’S LOVE & be a good human being. This is the real wealth of life. The power of this LOVE develops in you a strong positive attitude in life which is full of compassion, forbearance & an attitude of gratitude infinite. It also facilitates you to start enjoying a stroll after bath during the sun rise phase for 25 minutes duration ( changing of orange red color of the sun into white ) & get fully charged with energy for the day’s work.

In this state all negative feelings inside the heart i.e. hatred, jealousy , grievance & anguish vanish since now you belong to the group of GOD’S beloveds. The digestive system improves tremendously & you feel hungry 3 times a day. You enjoy deep sleep of 6 hours in the night since you start moving in the direction of getting health bliss.

Sanathan Sarthy is a monthly magazine in English/Hindi brought out by the legacy of Sathya Sai Baba & its reading during ambrosial hours gives you spiritual empowerment to perfect the art of speaking the truth & this facilitates in getting excellence in communication in English/Hindi/Punjabi etc. It contains discourse of His Holiness Sathya Sai Baba ( Lord Krishna) in simple English. A blissful mind alone makes a healthy body free from all kinds of ailments !!!!!! A blissful mind alone is fearless !!! Without a blissful mind you become the greatest coward on the earth which is avoidable.

The people of other group who suffer ill effects of ego do not enjoy Love of GOD & are devoid of this Love since they try to follow the short cut by following the traits of Duryodhan / Ravan/ Hitler i.e Use of cigarettes, liquor, drugs, non veg & extra martial sex etc….. Everybody desires to live the life of a good human being with humility & with an attitude of love in behavior i.e. enjoy excellent relationship with the group of beloveds of GOD.

Now you are blessed with infinite compassion, immense tolerance power & blissful intelligence which results in realizing your hidden potential physical & mental both to the full level (infinite). Ther listening skills of appreciation of an issue improve tremendously. This is how one makes a head in life. Your blissful attitude of love improves your learning intake power to almost infinite level.

Who will desire to miss this way of life since the parents & staff members at school & college have a serious concern to see the students blooming in life?
Life gifted by GOD is precious & its purpose is enjoy GOD’S LOVE always & succeed to enjoy glimpse of his KINGDOM inside the spiritual heart. Education phase in life is to achieve academic as well as physical excellence with above mentioned short cut of by taking an injection of GOD’S LOVE. End of education is character.

With divine love

Veteran major Ajeet Sing Mac


1. Biography of Baba Nanad Singh Jee written by BhaiGurmukh Singh
2. Discourses of SathyaSai Baba
3. Book on Management by SathyaSai Baba
4. SanathanSarthy monthly magazine in English.
5. The Holy Baba & the Psychiatrist written by Dr Samuel Sandweiss MD from California USA
6. The present main place of Baba Nand Singh Jee is situated at Village Kaleran, TehseelJagraon District Ludhiana, Punjab, INDIA. However there are over 700 centers which are spread all over the globe in his LOVE.
7. It is worth visiting for a day PrashanthiNilayum, Village Puttaparty District Anantpur Andhra Pradesh where you find a super specialty hospital giving treatment free of charge, international stadium, Sai University, auditorium, library, living accommodation for Visitors & the air port etc. On his 75th birthday over a million people from 170 countries joined Him to enjoy his glimpse. The information shared is based on real life experience during College days of MAY 1968 as a student of IV Year Engineering with excellent results & later in ARMY service. Ajeet Singh Mac Formerly Major Corps of EME, INDIAN ARMY Mool Mantra IkOmngkar , satnaam , kartapurukh , nirbhaov, Nirvair, akalmoorat , aajunisahbhang , guru Prasad , JAP AAD SACHH , JUGAD SACHH HABHEE SACHH , NANAK HOSEE BHEE SACHH , WAHEGURU WAHEGURUWAHEGURUWAHEGURU. Mool Mantra dipicts the qualities/attributes of the Lotus Feet of GURU/GOD. Maximum we can be blessed with is ” NIRBHAO” i.e. FEARLESSNESS in life.
The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Guru Nanak © Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was one of the greatest religious innovators of all time and the founder of the Sikh religion. Guru Nanak’s birthday is celebrated by Sikhs on 20 NOV . The date according to the lunar calendar changes annually but is usually in November.) –
1. For Sikhs …………… WAHEGURU
2. For Hindus……………RAAM RAAM
3. For Muslims…………YAAH KHUDDA
4. For Christians………GOD –


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