Conquering the mind

Baba Nand Singh Jee

Conquering the mind

It is a natural requirement of every human being to enjoy a life with state of bliss in mind by keeping fine control over the influence of five evils present inside us . Can we really take full control of mind ? If we do not conquer our mind , the five evils present inside us will overpower the blissfulness of the mind, the biggest barrier being the EGO. Whereas to become knowledgeable we need to use the powers of mind to improve our learning skills while we read any subject to understand it. Mind is the child of soul . It shines with the light of soul . If the desire , thought , word deed are synchronised in love of truth, the soul penetrates the mind. It improves the power of mind manifold. This implies elimination of duality in mind. What is duality? It means that mind suffers from the problem of enjoying GOD’S Love, that mind suffers from the influence of feelings of ego. With this background we now discuss the short cut available to us to conquer our mind.

Gurbani confirms ,

” Mannbechhey satgur kai pass ……”

” Mann jeetey jag jeet……”

It highlights that we need to learn the art of selling our mind to GOD thereby conquering it to obey our command as per our desire!!!

Guru Grant Sahib
Guru Grant Sahib

Life is actually a battle of 18 days only . Conquering the mind means that you have won the world around you . We can all learn the art of falling in Love of GOD at any stage of life though earliest the better. Gurbani of Guru Granth Sahib highlights the philosophy of NAAM directs us to focus the attention of mind to enjoy LOVE of NAAM . NAAM is the stage of ENJOYING the Infinite Bliss of LOVE of Truth inside our heart .

This is where we feel the need of EMPOWERMENT from spiritual angle. Gurbani or Waheguru Mantra is so powerful that if we obey the command of GURU do chanting of it for 3 hours during ambrosial hours i.e. wef 0400 hrs to 0700 hrs , the result is that GOD who is ever kind , surely bless us the bliss of his LOVE. This therapy of 18 days needs to be practised only once in life time ; not a billion dollar challenge!!!!. This is a 100% guaranteed affair without any kind of reservation whatsoever. Every religion existing on the earth has its own GURU MANTRA since this chanting is accordingly applicable to its followers. GOD is ONE the only ONE. We owe our existence as a product of love of GOD. Existence of human life has its religion based on powers of LOVE.

Gurbani confirms ,

” Sahib ekoo hai SAHIB mera ekoo hai…….”

” ALLAH pakumm pak hai……………………..’- ‘

” Maanas ki jatt sabhey ekey pahchanboh…..”

A person with conquered mind knows the best use of mind for improvement in life he lives the life of liberation since we are born free as human beings being the product of LOVE of GOD . Mind is the child of SOUL/ENERGY. Mind derives its power from its mother i.e. soul/energy. This guaranteed approach is based on experience gained on obeying the directions of Baba Nand Singh Jee Maharaj. He is the greatest SAINT of the last millenium on this planet. By chanting of Guru Mantra our mind shines like a star on the right side of the forehead on the 19th day because soul has penetrated it. In this state the mind body functions at the wave length of Light of Love of Truth . Duality of mind is completely eliminated while we remain in a state of BLISS enjoy LOVE of GOD.

Baba Nand Singh Jee
Baba Nand Singh Jee

Gurbani confirms , ”Mann tuun jyot saroop hain Aapnna mool pachhan …”

Mind has its true value in origional form as a JYOT ( DOT of LIGHT) hence it must identify its origionality. This is the universal truth is applicable to people of all religions who do chanting mantra of their Guru get the same results . This achievement is also termed as awakening of powers of Kundalini which are latent/hidden in everyone of us. You live the life of a saint soldier in a fearless manner. Your slavery approach to pay masters gets changed to the blissful way of life in LOVE of GOD in service of the organisation/society. For students its benefits are enormous it results in making the education phase of College/UNIVERSITY exciting , interesting, simple rather blissful . Here in this stage one develops the powers of innovation which facilitates us in becoming a successful enterpreneur.

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Thank you Love and Bliss

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3 thoughts on “Conquering the mind

    1. Thanks for sharing your views .
      We all aware that five evils are namely kaam , krodhh , lobhh , mohha , ahankar OR desire , anger , greed , attachment & ego.
      Each of these evils have five wings & act through our five senses. These evils take control of mind & disconnect it from its mother i.e. Electron size soul/energy .
      This soul lives in the anatomical heart . 99.99 % people in the world live with elephant size ego but one in billions enjoy infinite bliss of love of truth & are also known as SAINT whereas I am a seeker only. .
      Mind desires to be in comfort zone & aoura of ego creates darkness around the mind. The evils/ego acts as a barrier & prevents the soul or GOD particle to cross over the secret door
      (opening ) which is in line with eye brows at its center into the forehead. Nine other physical doors open towards outside to the atmosphere i.e. mouth , two nostrils , two ears , two eyes & two of the drainage system urine & stool. It is all physical & not a myth.

      While progressing on the path of righteous actions ( in line with principles of love of truth) , Ego gets reduced to electron size & with the super powers of love of the charan kamal ( lotus feet) of the GURU, soul crosses over to the secret door. GURU/GOD is infinite bliss of love of truth personified . This is the space element of the body which consists of air, fire, water & ether.

      Once the soul enters the space element , it penetrates the mind & shines like a star on the right side of the brain . The journey of the soul from here into the spiritual heart is quite challenging but with the grace of Guru , it becomes exciting . The body below the neck now experiences heavy rain showers ( nectar) coupled with thunders of clouds & lightening prior to reaching the gate of the kingdom of GOD inside our spiritual heart.

      At the gate of the kingdom of GOD , we hear melodious music of ringing of bells. However inside the kingdom , we find the glittering kingdom with GOD seated on his throne & in front of him on his both sides , there are males & females are seated with rosary in their right hand . This environment is having infinite bliss of LOVE . From this kingdom , GOD directs his commands through the light rays of his dark blue eyes for the universe. Wherever these rays reach , those creatures enjoy bliss of his love & success in life !!!!.

      His Holiness SATHYA SAI BABA who was the DIRECTOR of MAHA BHARAT over 4000 years ago & lived wef 23 NOV 1926 to 24 APR 2011 , has been extremely kind to inspire / bless me to write all these blogs . However Mrs Marya Bellon from Belgium , my face book friend ( Sister superior) has been extra kind to edit my writings for better appreciation of the seekers. I share my feelings of gratitude infinite for her divine support.

      Aim of sharing is not to boost my ego nor disturb anyone’s feelings but it is for the benefit of seekers of truth . However it is not a bookish affair but is based on real life experience.

      With divine love

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