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Health Bliss Redifined

Health Bliss Redefined

Health Bliss Redefined

Human body consists of body matter , mind & soul (Energy) . It is made up of five elements i.e. Water , air , fire , earth & space . Bliss of health enjoyed by the body is of two types . Body grows into strong by doing good amount of exercise while enjoying it in the games field & sweating it out in gymnasium etc..

Running for 5 K M daily in the evening for 5 days in a week is a wonderful activity indeed. All this work out is based on shear will power resulting in enjoying health bliss while mind is in a state of either ego bliss or spiritual bliss .

Mind under influence of ego bliss uses the body for offensive action against a weak person . It is true for all levels of governance , be it local or international . Whereas amind blessed with divine bliss ( Love of Truth) . uses the body for defensive purpose only when survival is challenged & no other remedy is there because blissful mind enjoys infinite compassion in the heart.

It is important to high light the state of health of a good human being who has overcome the influence of ego bliss to the mind & is blessed with a blissful heart.

In this state , the electron size soul has penetrated the mind & it shines as a star on the right side of the brain . Such an individual lives a life of holistic nature . He gets 6-7 hours deep sleep at night . He enjoys wonderful diet thrice in a day with excellent digestive power. He enjoys enormous happiness & is blessed with high level of concentration power while reading a book . His mind develops a super level of understanding the subject & appreciates its true practical aspect. Studying in College or University phase becomes a blissful time of 5-7 years.

The power of practical observation of a blissful mind is of a superior nature .
He develops virtues of compassion & art of polite communication with one & all. His hand writing is beautiful. He also lives a life of fearless nature. His mind is truthful & speaks the truth & deeds match the spoken word. He treats all others with power of divine love. Gravity looses its power of attraction to the body in this state of health bliss. All this description is based on real life experience & is not borrowed from any book.

Health Bliss Redefined
Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji

Born: 26 January 1682, Amritsar
Died: 11 November 1757, Amritsar

Health Bliss Redefined
The Bliss Of healthy generations

At the peak of a blissful journey of life during youth phase & later in old age , an individual has a blooming face & a pleasing personality. He is blessed with Name Divine ( NAAM) which is even higher than GOD.

GOD is infinite bliss of love of truth personified. Saints enjoy infinite bliss of love of truth & belong to the group of special beloveds of GOD.

Do they exist in this world ??
Answer is yes !!

Can we meet them at home ?
Again answer is yes!!!


We can meet a true saint at home by reading his biography . A blog appears
on the life of the greatest saint of last millennium with the following web link
of my website .

The greatest saint of last millenium.

Health Bliss Redefined
The seven wonders

Contrary to above, a person suffering from influence ego bliss, is never at peace with himself. He never understands nor appreciates the meaning of the word i.e. friendship. His heart suffers from influence of fear. Feeling the bliss of JOY in the heart is a matter of distant dream for him. He lacks the virtue of love for others since he does not have compassionate in his heart. For ensuring protecting his self interest of gains, he can go to any extent to destroy his competitors. His habit of overeating leads to gaining extra weight. He does not value the precious gift of human life by GOD. He is disloyal to the organization of his service & is uneasy with his superiors. For details on ego bliss , view the following web link,

Artificial bliss verses divine bliss/

In addition to  above we observe that over 45,000 people commit suicide in USA  alone every year which includes 6,000 Veteran Americans. Over 10,000 people  undergo  brain operation every year & survive  for not more than a year.   A famous scientist Dr Bhardwaj who served NASA USA suffered from brain cancer & was fortunate to get cured by powers of Name Divine at Golden  Temple AMRITSAR during the year 2003…….Amazing indeed !!!!

However we find that Pentagon HQRS USA employs over 22,000 soldiers to do planning of protecting the humanity &  keep the world safe & secure & at peace with a strength of over 1.3 Million strong Army. UNO  plays its own role to bring peace at global level. Even then it had to suffer from the felling of WTC Towers on SEP 11,2001 which was a tremendous loss to its strategy of maintaining world peace.

We will now discuss the role of religion in connection with ensuring health bliss state of the people with special emphasis on youth of age group 15-30 years. It is well known that the word religion is defined as the methodology of gaining bliss to mind & this facilitates in gaining health bliss state.

All religions are the same since religion is the child of compassion but remains intact by the virtue of contentment . The virtue of compassion & charity is not limited to the KING of the governing system at state level. In the modern world we find a large number of NGOS as well as individuals doing charity since they enjoy infinite bliss of love for humanity . GOD has made his Kingdom inside our spiritual heart. The glimpse of His Kingdom can be enjoyed by any  living human being. However religion plays the role for this glimpse & results in bringing peace to the seeker of truth in these times of highly commercial nature . Web link referred below of a blog on journey to the kingdom of GOD posted on my website gives details.

Journey to the Kingdom of God

A universal Injection of GOD’S LOVE is available to the living humanity to facilitate in making a head start during any time in life . Web links refer below,

Injection of Gods love

Mantra- yog

Personal hygiene is very important aspect & the web link of its blog refers below,

Personal hygiene

How does the religion helps to maintain health bliss ??

Health Bliss Redefined
The Bliss Of motherhood

Religion helps in protecting the mind from loosing its bliss of divine love against the attack of five evils or ego bliss. Ego bliss can drain out all the energy (nectar) from the heart . Either mind is in bliss state of divine love or it is under control of ego bliss. Availability of nectar in the body makesit strong but loosing it while on attack by any of the five evils results in loss of virtues as well instantly. Ego bliss is the root cause of creating duality in the mind. Process of nectar flow inside the body from navel to mind & further into the body has been explained in detail in the blog with the web link mentioned below ,

Kundaliny powers awakening made easy/

Is it necessary to follow a religion ??

Answer is yes .

Health Bliss Redefined
Nine noble virtues

GOD has incarnated himself in all parts of the globe from time to time in the past & blessed humanity to enjoy divine bliss love. We find Lord Jesus Christ , Hazrat Mohamad Sahib , Lord Budhha , Lord Ram , Lord Krishna & Sat Guru Nanak during recent times . Religion is a path for following in love of truth & truthful living. World is creation of GOD & is a wonderful drama . Hero group enjoys love of GOD & villain group is devoid of love of GOD. Choice lies with us & religion facilitates us in moving from villain group to hero group . Religion followed by individuals under influence of ego bliss is incorrect & its ultimate is waste of journey of precious human life

Ailment to body is a temporary affair & is aimed by GOD to raise the bliss level though it is a kind of punishment. However we find the role of Doctors who have made incredible progress to cure the ailing body . They enjoy the status of Half GOD as certified by living Saints. It is similar to various seasons made during the year by GOD.

However Doctors  have yet to progress their  research effort on knowing the structure of mind . Brain is a physical matter & is controlled by mind.  Electron size soul has been termed by Doctors as Energy ( Its knowledge  remains as a  myth to them). Saints have its knowledge as blessed by GURU/GOD.  For more details , a blog appears on “Inner Engineering redefined” with the following web link ,

Inner engineering redefined

Spirituality is the science of electron size soul (Energy) which is empowering the anatomical heart & it stops functioning when this soul leaves the body as directed by GOD. It is possible to charge the soul with the power of Name Divine.

Name Divine treasure facilitates extension of life of the body. It may sound little amazing but it is true. Post operation recovery phase needs empowerment from Name Divine power. Enjoying the journey of life with health bliss state becomes a very easy affair . Gist of all religions is the philosophy of Name Divine .

Name Divine is even higher than GOD as spelled out by Sat Guru Nanak.  Sikhs celebrate his 550 th Birthday with great effort all over the globe  & aim to spread his message of love , peace to the humanity & universal brotherhood.

For details on philosophy  of Name Divine , kindly view the following  web link ,

Philosophy of Name Divine

The blessings of,mother,mary

For introduction to Spiritual Science ,

Science of spirituality

Spiritual science part two


In divine bliss love & deep reverence

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