Artificial Bliss verses Divine Bliss



   BLISS  is word used for expressing the highest form of happiness to mind . If it is of a temporary nature , it is called artificial bliss.

Mainly it is of five types. We all have five evils present inside our heart which are creating the darkness around the electronic size soul (Also termed as Energy by modern scientists).

The combined effect of these evils is also known as ego. Each of this evil is capable of bringing artificial bliss to mind.

Five evils are anger , greed , attachment, ego  & lust for sex. Mind is sensitive by nature & falls prey to them without realizing that all these evils act to drain out the energy of the soul & result in depression whenever they overpower the mind  in excessive amount .

  Contrary to the bliss  created by five evils, we feel the divine bliss of nature GOD i.e. Mountains ,Forests , Ocean & rivers . One gets overwhelmed with its  beauty & vastness.  

It is important to highlight here that creator of all this is the True GOD  & his personality is defined as  Infinite bliss of love of truth personified.  


The bliss of nature


I recollect the time of training at Indian Military Academy , Dehradun U P India, where we moved to stay for four days at the hill during  FEB 1971 & enjoyed the severe winter bliss. It was 8000 ft high above sea level known as Bhardraj hill near the famous hill station Mussoorie .


The Himalaya peaks


 I first saw the Himalaya peaks in my life  at 7 A M  though it was 450 K M away but the sight  was so wonderful  & mind experienced  happiness of infinite level ( ANAND) which  was not momentary  but lasted for nearly 4 hours , amazing indeed !!! Though I had to leave & move for the camp exercise planned for the day.


Creation and Creator

    Prior to this ,when I saw the Ocean first time in life during MAR 1970 at 4 P M it was so wonderful to observe  its vastness for over 4 hours  but is difficult to express In words . However the  moment I thought of its creator (GOD) , the bliss  moved to heart . Heart is the only organ of our body which can absorb infinite bliss.  Mind has its own limitations (imagination) & it comes to divine bliss  state only after it is penetrated by the soul in love of GURU/GOD.  

Mind is the child of electron size soul. It is grace & power of lotus feet of Guru which  facilitates in lifting of the soul from the anatomical heart through the X secret door ( in line with eye brows) & thus penetrates the mind.  Absence of Guru results in all  kinds of imaginations & leads to theoretical discussion/confusion etc.. Other nine  doors of the body open to outside environment.


The seven chakra’s


 Now we will discuss each of the evil & its power to give artificial bliss to the mind. I am doing so since inspired by a viewer of my website to explain in detail the power of each evil controlling the mind.  

As per Hindu mythology , the first evil is of sex (Kaam) (Desire). The inner desires arising from the heart , keep the mind busy in all sorts of imaginations. The main being the attraction for the opposite sex . It is a big challenge to develop hatred towards sex or opposite  sex. A female  cannot be discarded as weak sex since she is the one , who gives birth to kings !!!!  

Female alone knows her powers to give birth & feel the greatness of motherhood.

In the eyes of GOD , male & female are equal since GOD alone is male. World is a wonderful drama created by GOD & he enjoys it as its  director  (profession) to pass his time. One nice example of his play , is a gentleman Mr George Soros,  Founder  Chair , Open Society Foundations USA who worked as a railway porter  in 1947 at London but he has donated over US$ 32 Billion  since 1980 in love &  uplifting of  humanity.    The life of George Soros.


George Soros


Second evil controlling the mind in the absence of GOD’S LOVE is anger . It has a great destroying power to the mind . Anger is a result of facing a situation wherein ego is hurt due to any reason in our daily life . While suffering from anger bliss , one looses the power of mind completely & hence it needs to be avoided  by developing power of tolerance till of course physical survival is challenged. Anger needs to be changed to action of valor in a battle field . However if situation is otherwise & one has the power of divine love , he should/ can  use the power for forgiving.

Forgiving a person in life & not feeling angry , will lead to health  bliss . It is guaranteed !!!!   


Alexander and the king of Porus


Third evil is of greed . Greed can be of power of governance , finance , property, land, or any other thing . It leads to wastage of time in imagination & loosing the precious  value of human life. Purpose of life is to enjoy divine bliss & do one’s daily duty to earn bread & butter. These days we observe people are suffering from the cancer of respect in the society. Peace & divine bliss state on mind is maintained by feeling grateful to GOD for blessing us every moment of life. We observe from the life of Alexander the great i.e. He went back from this world empty handed suffering from artificial bliss though he was blessed to take birth with a life of fortune & bliss.



Forth evil troubling the mind is attachment. A person may suffer the effects of the evil of attachment for loss of his parents , children , wife or any of his beloved Item. It is the most powerful evil & leads to complete drain of energy of the mind & results  in bringing severe depression to the extent that one decides to commit suicide. A king may also suffer from the feelings of attachment but he got cured of this problem by the grace of His Holiness Sathya Sai Baba.  

Royal ceremony at Mysore Palace – private darbar


A king was cured


Medical science has made incredible progress to release pain bliss to the human bodY & while suffering from various kinds of ailments , DOCTORS treatment gives us new lease of life . They enjoy the status of Half GOD. However they have yet to progress further on the factor of our existence i.e. Electron size soul . In this regard , the book of the famous psychiatrist from USA Dr. Sam Sandweis, i.e. The Holy Baba & the Psychiatrist , is worth reading .

Dr Sam Sandweiss


Fifth & foremost evil is of EGO . This is such a complex evil that it inspires the mind to think & act like self proclaimed GOD. Even if all above mentioned evils affecting the mind are brought under control , bliss of ego takes over the command of the mind . Can we overcome it ? Yes its effect  can be put under control by being humble in attitude.

However it is also  possible by reading the biography of Saints. SAINT is a person who enjoys for 24 hours in his heart a state of infinite bliss of truth . We observe from the life of the greatest saint of last millennium that he was extremely kind to bless the humanity with a boon to enjoy divine bliss in a matter of 18 days ……..AMAZING INDEED.

A blog has been posted on his life story on this website  & the web link refers here: The greatest saint of last millenium

Moment the barrier of ego bliss is eliminated with the grace of GURU/GOD , mind begins to enjoy divine bliss. Because divine bliss is the beginning of the journey of mind towards enjoying the bliss of Kingdom of GOD inside our spiritual heart . Truth observed with the knowledge of worldly law & its bliss is again a kind of artificial bliss & is different from Infinite bliss of love of truth. One gets blessed in life with the rarest of rare gift/boon  of GURU known as NAAM which is even higher than GOD. NAAM is defined as the feeling of Infinite bliss of love of truth inside our heart . Here mind & its mother soul ,  gets merged in GOD as explained above. Physical body is no more felt in existence. Gravity looses its power of attraction of the body while mind is in bliss state & is extremely helpful to the scientists as well players in games field !!!!!
In divine love bliss & deep reverence to the viewer.


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